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Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) for Pipeline Preservation Solution

Proven cost effective alternate to the traditional dry and N2 (nitrogen) purge technique. 

VCI can be introduced to the non-piggable segments as well as the piggable lines very cost effectively in most cases. The VCI can then preserve the line from corrosion for many years. When it is time to put the line into service, there are options for removing the small amounts of VCI slurry, or in some cases, simply start pump-ing the product.

Zerust Flange Saver® Zerust ReCAST-R™ 2012: Winner of the MP Readers’ Choice NACE Corrosion Innovation of the Year award.




If you are building a new pipeline, as a section is completed, it is typically hydrotested. After hydrotest, many owners will dry the section and purge the atmosphere with Nitrogen. Often, these lines are not completely dry and the combination of water, oxygen and bacteria, can have a negative corrosion effect on this new steel, even if the line has a Nitrogen blanket. Maintaining the Nitrogen can take time and be expensive, espe-cially if the line will not be commissioned for a period of time.

Existing lines can be preserved by VCI after cleaning.



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