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IsoJoint® provides for current control by separating pipe work into distinct zones and effectively eliminating long-line currents. This assures increased plant and equipment life by reducing or eliminating corrosion damage. Effective control can be attained where a branch is connected to the mainline, where two pipelines of different material connect or where well-coated pipe meets a poorly coated system. Advance Products and Systems, Inc., is the exclusive provider of the IsoJoint® monolithic weld end isolating joints. The IsoJoint® is manufactured in sizes ranging from 1/2” diameter to 150” diameter with an ANSI rating of 150# to 2500# and up to API 10,000#. All types of carbon and stainless steel are used in their manufacturing. For truly superior cathodic isolation, Advance Products and Systems offers an IsoJoint® manufactured according to ASME VIII Division 1 standards and certified by ISO 9002 Quality Assurance making it the supreme monolithic joint on the market today.

  • No loss of integrity due to thermal expansion or ground stress as is common with flange isolation gasket kits
  • In-factory tested hydrostatically and electrically, to 1 1/2 times their working pressure. Non-destructive testing is also available.
  • Maintenance-free, reliable cathodic isolation of equipment in required isolation applications such as compressor stations The notion that flange isolating gasket kits are more cost efficient than monolithic joints is not well supported when figuring in all the variables. Materials, labor intensive installation, pre-online inspection and continuous maintenance as well as possible and probable replacement of deteriorated gasket kits all add up, ultimately making the IsoJoint® a very effective and cost efficient method of cathodic isolation. Benefits & Advantages Advantage In Savings
  • No labor intensive, complicated installation procedure required as with isolation gasket kits
  • No inspection pits, vaults or maintenance needed - weld into place and direct bury - reliable, worry-free cathodic isolation
  • Non-conductive epoxy coatings help prevent shorts, both externally and internally
  • Isolates stray currents impressed on the pipe from exterior forces such as electrical transmission systems, earth currents and currents flowing from point to point
  • Excellent bending and torsional resistance
  • Earthquake resistant - Acts as a thrust block or joint
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