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Trenton Patch-Pad® exothermic weld protector is a versatile, easy-to-apply coating for small applications on pipelines and other metal structures. Patch-Pads are primerless, self adhering, and require minimal surface preparation. The design includes a moldable, self-adhesive coating which can conform to a variety of profiles, combined with a durable polymer backing which provides strong mechanical protection for buried applications.

Patch-Pad is ideal for use in protecting Cathodic Protection system connections. It easily conforms to protect a variety of profiles and most connection configurations. Trenton Patch-Pad is designed to provide durable corrosion protection for a variety of small scale applications which require flexibility, strong adhesion, and ease-of-use. Tools are available to facilitate remote installation in keyhole applications.

  • Easy to apply, simply remove the wrapper and press on, no tools required
  • Strong polymer backing for durable corrosion protection
  • Minimal surface preparation (dry, NACE SP2) No primer required
  • Moldable coating easily conforms to a variety of profiles – can conform to multi lead connections
  • Compatible with most pipe coatings
  • Conforms to multiple profiles
  • No curing, Immediate backfill
  • No primer required

Application Procedures

  1. Surface should be clean and dry at the time of application
  2. Apply adhesive/sticky face of Trenton Patch-Pad to the surface to be covered and press to conform.
  3. Ensure that the edges of the Patch-Pad are in contact with the metal surface.

Trenton Patch-Pad is available in a variety of sizes:

  • 4” x 4” pads; 12 pads/case
  • 5” x 10” pads; 6 pads/case
  • 6” x 6” pads; 6 pads/case

Product Data Sheet Download

Polymer-coated synthetic fabric with synthetic adhesive

Cathodic Disbondment ASTM G8 .24 square inches
Water Absorption of Adhesive ASTM D570 0.30%
Breaking Strength ASTM D1000 181 lbf
Elongation ASTM D1000 80%
Thickness of Adhesive ASTM D1000 500 mils
Thickness of Backing ASTM D1000 150 mils
Peel Adhesion ASTM D1000 Cohesive Fracture
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