TAPE PIPE RENWRAP 366-25 BLACK 6" x 300' (1ROLL = 3/2SQR)

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Corrosion Service is a distributor for Scapa North America, a leading manufacturer of anticorrosion pipeline protection systems, who has provided products that meet the rigorous demands of on-land pipelines for more than 25 years.

Scapa RENWRAP® products are designed for application to new construction pipe in both plant and infield settings, as well as the repair and reconditioning of existing pipelines in the oil, gas, and water industries. Scapa’s efficient products offer excellent adhesion and shear resistance and operate under a wide range of temperatures. Scapa adhesive systems are impermeable to water and oxygen, and are compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt, and polyethylene pipeline coatings. They have sufficient adhesion and strength to resist soil stress, under-film migration of moisture, environmental stress cracking, and mechanical damage during handling.


Corrosion Service offers Scapa products for over-the ditch line travel applications. The products in this range exhibit aggressive adhesion, operate under a wide range of temperatures, and are resistant to high levels of soil side stress. They form an impermeable barrier to water and oxygen and are resistant to environmental stress cracking cause by elevated temperatures. RENWRAP rockshield products protect coated pipe from the damage that typically occurs during backfilling.


Scapa joint wrapping products are specifically designed for hand wrapping field joints, fittings, ells, and tees. They maintain adhesion to plastic and FBE pre-coated pipe under a wide range of temperatures and are able to fill voids around irregular shapes. All products are compatible with coal tar, fusion bond epoxy, asphalt, and polyethylene pipeline coatings and provide excellent protection against electrolytic and environmental corrosion.


Scapa yard coating products provide excellent adhesion, shear, and low-temperature properties and are resistant to environmental stress cracking. Their tough polyethylene backings provide protection from damage caused by lowering in, backfilling, and soil stress.