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Corrosion Service developed the ACC3 based on the latest research to allow pipeline operators to more accurately monitor the risk of AC corrosion. This will help operators avoid unnecessary AC mitigation due to false positives but remain sensitive to the worst case for AC corrosion.

The ACC3 coupon can be used to assess AC corrosion and shock hazards based on the criteria in NACE standards SP21424-2018 and SP0177-2014.

The ACC3 is suitable for use with new and existing pipelines. Installation is quick and efficient since this coupon can be positioned next to the monitored structure in holes excavated by hand or by hydrovac. The AC coupon is typically connected to a pipeline at test posts through a shunt resistor (e.g., 10 Ω). After a short stabilization period, the AC voltage (shock hazards), and AC and DC current densities (AC corrosion) can be recorded.

Our distribution hubs can send in-stock ACC3 AC coupons to any project in the world with a short lead time.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved ability to simulate coating holidays due to the customizable coating thickness 20 mils, 40 mils, 80 mils or custom to meet customer's project demands.
  • Coating holiday size 1 cm2 or 1 in2.
  • Non-conductive surface surrounding the bare area optimized to limit electrical field distortion while maintaining a compact installation size.
  • Designed to allow for coupon pointing up placement to match the orientation of coating holidays with the highest AC current densities.
  • Weighted steel core with removable coating for corrosion rate measurements as per ASTM G1-03.
  • Stamped with a serial number protected from corrosion for improved traceability.
  • Accurate AC corrosion risk assessment to avoid unnecessary mitigation costs.
  • Regular monitoring provides the pipeline operator with historical and current operating conditions, identifies areas requiring AC mitigation, and validates the effectiveness of AC mitigation systems.
  • Improved ability to simulate corrosion rates by allowing for the lateral extension of the corrosion pit under the coating.
  • Compatible with remote monitoring and conventional survey equipment.
  • Compatible with new and existing test stations.




T: Coating Thickness - 20 mils, 40 mils or 80 mils

H: Holiday Size - 1C (1 cm2) or 1N (1 in2)

L: Cable length - Indicate the desired length in metres

S: Cable size - 10 (#10 AWG)

C: Cable Colour - G - Green, B - Black (Slug Coupon Use)

Example: ACC3-20-1C-15-10-G

20 mils thick simulated pipeline coating, 1 cm2 holiday size, 15 meters of #10 AWG green cable


Example of AC Coupon Measurements with an ACC3

The 24-hour average AC voltage recorded across a 10 Ω shunt connected to a 1 cm2 ACC3 was 50.0 mV and the DC voltage was 1.5 mV. The maximum AC pipe-to-soil voltage was 5.0 V.

The average DC current density of 1.5 A/m2 exceeds the 1 A/m2 limit and the AC current density of 50.0 A/m2 exceeds the 30 A/m2 limit. Therefore, there is a risk of AC corrosion at this location based on NACE SP21424-2018 and mitigation will be required.

The maximum AC pipe-to-soil voltage is below the 15 V steady-state touch voltage limit, indicating no shock hazard under normal operating conditions.

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