PROBE CPMP-4-10-15 10cm˛ 15m IR FREE DC COUPON #16/3C PVC Cable BLACK

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The CPMP-4 version of the IR Free DC Coupon CPMP series incorporates moisture-wicking material and our patent pending engineered STABLE backfill that significantly improves accuracy, durability and usability.

Suitable for use with both new build and existing structures, the CPMP is installed adjacent to the protected structure and contains an encased permanent internal reference electrode positioned to sense the true carbon steel coupon potential.

This innovative design shields the reference electrode from external interference, allowing for highly accurate measurements of the coupon potential and polarization decay even while the coupon is connected to an active CP system.

When used in conjunction with the Corrosion Service ZRA (zero resistance ammeter), the CPMP provides a direct measurement of cathodic protection current density and further validation of corrosion prevention system operation.

The CPMP-4 is ready to install off the shelf and does not require complicated mixing procedures in the field.

Features & Benefits

+ Validates corrosion prevention system operation on buried/immersed infrastructure.

+ Reduces operating costs by eliminating the need to interrupt foreign sources of interference.

+ Allows confirmation of actual versus design operating parameters.

+ Includes industry first engineered STABLE zinc backfill.

+ Integrated zinc permanent reference electrode.

+ Moisture wicking materials that improve soil contact.

+ Easy hydro-vac or hand excavation for installation in native backfill.

+ Compatible with remote monitoring and data recording hardware.

+ Closely represents a pipeline coating defect.

+ Serialized for improved traceability.

+ Available in 10 sq. cm Steel Coupon

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