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This product is an upgrade of the standard BAC EASYBOND 2 Unit to a high capacity, durable and safe, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery and extended cables for the stinger and ground. 

VIDEO LINKS - Doing a Shot - Unit Introduction 

Capacity - Up to 130 brazing shots or connections

Weather - Cold weather winter conditions have limited effect on shot capacity and does not require warming in winter

Weight Savings - 30% lighter than standard unit

Functionality - Does not need to be on charge when not in use, as batteries do not self drain

Battery Protection - Auto Shut off feature that protects the battery against low voltage damage

Warranty - 12 month no questions asked (Improper use or Damage not covered)

Consistency - The lowest misfire rate in the industry due to the enhanced power source constant ouput

Battery Safety - The units utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate and are considered the safest of the Lithium batteries.  One important advantage over other lithium-ion chemistries is thermal and chemical stability, which improves battery safety.

The Lithium Iron battery is not subject to the well documented thermal runaway issues of a standard Lithium Cobalt that competitor products units utilize.

When abused the Iron battery will vent but not combust vs the Lithium Cobalt that will combust if abused or used in severe applications like vehicles.

If the Lithium iron battery is subjected to fire and does begin to burn, it can be extinguished unlike a traditional lithium cobalt battery that will burn until it is done as cobalt batteries are very difficult to extinguish.

Unit includes:

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